Human Beings Generally Know What’s Good For Them.

Reflection in a soap bubble.

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We humans can be peculiar sometimes. Most of us, if we are of sound mind and body, know what we should be doing with ourselves.

We know what our own individual shortcomings are, and usually we have some idea about how to go about fixing them. But often-times we do not. We let ourselves be less than we could be. Why?

Along that same vein, we know what our dreams, desires and goals are. Yet many of us don’t actively pursue these things. We let ourselves settle for a life without knowing if we could in fact achieve what we wish for. Why?

I for one am guilty of such things. I am going to challenge myself to work to my full potential. What do I have to lose?

Would you like to join me? Or, do you have any advice? I’d love to hear from you.



About handgrownhope

A woman with hope!
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